(F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions

How long does the band play for?
A typical job lasts four hours. However, The Island Groove will accommodate whatever your entertainment needs are. The band requires a minimum of 2-3 hours for setup. The setup includes the instruments, the sound and lighting equipment, a complete sound check with all band members.

What does it cost?

Cost depends on the following factors:

-Number of hours played.

-Travel factors.

-Seasonal factors. Christmas weekends and New Year’s Eve are more expensive.

-Day of the week. Weekend evenings are prime time. Other days of the week or daytime events can be addressed on an individual basis.

-Production factors. The Island Groove has state of the art equipment, but if desired, extra lighting and staging can be provided upon request.

Please call for a price quote. (415) 309-5477
or send us an email:

What about breaks?
The Island Groove takes breaks which are typically, three 15-minute breaks in a four hour event. However, The Island Groove will work their breaks around your schedule. If you need a longer / shorter period of time for your event, such as an award presentation or a speech, The Island Groove will be happy to accommodate. The Island Groove is also equipped to provide background music via CD's, iPod, or The Island Groove's DJ during the breaks.

“I have a special song I would like played at my event.”
The Island Groove is happy to learn a special song for your event. We ask that you give us 2-3 weeks notice, and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate your request.

“My cousin sings….”
This is a little tricky. If you would like to have someone "sing a song" with the band, we are happy to accommodate as long as advance notice is given at least a week ahead of time. We ask that you please limit the “special performance” to one song. Due to the high level of preparation that is done for each event, we are unable to accommodate "last minute" requests. That is, we cannot have “your cousin” come the day of the event and "sit in".

“The President plays drums...”
For a number of reasons, safety being the primary concern, nobody (not even the President) is allowed to play the instruments.

How much space does the band take?
The size for the full band is 32 ft by 25ft. Of course, if your space is limited, The Island Groove can do some things to decrease the band footprint. If this is the case for your event, please let us know and we'll work with you.

What are the electrical needs for The Island
For optimal quality, The Island Groove will need 4 20-amp circuits dedicated solely for band use. The outlets need to be within 20 feet of the stage. In the vast majority of modern facilities, this is not a problem. The issues tend to arise in antebellum homes and outdoor events. The Island Groove can get by with 2 20-amp circuits, but that means that the stage lights cannot be used.

“I need music for my ceremony / cocktail hour / etc....”
The Island Groove can help you.  For the cocktail hour, The Island Groove can provide the perfect "mood" music for your special event.

Can you do special announcements such as entrances, etc...?
We offer complete M.C services. In addition to handling your special announcements, we keep to your event's agenda, actively guiding and engaging your guests the entire time we are onstage. For bridal parties, we work with you to ensure proper name pronunciations. In all cases, we discuss your needs ahead of time to ensure that we understand your requirements.

Can I use your public address system for announcements, presentations, and toasts?
We always have a microphone available for you and your guests. Please let us know in advance if you wish to use a microphone further than 20 feet from the bandstand.

What types of music do you play?
The Island Groove has a very diverse repertoire, with styles that include The Golden Oldies, Motown, Classic Rock, R&B;, Pop, 70s-80s Rock, Disco, Funk and much more (see our Song List for details). Our skilled, experienced musicians perform all material with authenticity and precision.


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