A Bunch of Guys that Love to Play Music
With over 30+ years of music experience, The Island Groove is the band with the chemistry, the versatility and the wide range of music for all walks of life. The Island Groove is also the house band at the World Famous Tonga Room at the Fairmont Hotel, which is located at the top of Nob Hill in San Francisco. This is San Francisco's best kept secret for an escape from your daily lives. 

Check The Island Groove out and "escape to the music..."  

The Tonga Room








The Island Groove's Schedule

 Wednesday, Thursday & Sundays

8:00pm - 11:45pm

 Friday & Saturday

8:00pm - 12:45am 

For more information on the Tonga Room, click below:

Tonga Room 


The Island Groove

C.J Simbre - Lead Vocals
That guy up front that loves to have a good time, and it shows. His energy and vocals fill up the room as he does what he does on stage.
"Life is short....take advantage of every moment you have in this lifetime." -C.J

Dean Revelo - Drums/Vocals
One of the "baddest" singing-drummers in the Bay Area today. Music is his passion, and you can feel that when he performs. He is the man that keeps the band focused and sounding the way they do.

Nito Medina - Guitar/Vocals
Nito IS smooth guitars, and laid back vocals. This man is versitile and plays it all. He is a key factor to what The Island Groove does.

Nel Tellez - Keyboards/Background Vocals
Nel is an accomplished keyboard player that loves what he does. His love for music is reflected on stage when he tickles the ivories.


Janeece Marmalejo -Lead Vocals                                                                                                                                                                                       This young lady has one of the most purest voices in the Bay Area.  Her angelic voice will mesmerize you as she sings all of your favorites of today and yesterday.


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